About Me

Ever since the start of my A-Levels I’ve been teaching and helping people out with their studies. When I was in Sixth Form I was mentoring GCSE Maths students, and as I went on into University I started out giving private lessons to both GCSE and A-Level students. I should note here that I still never had a clue that I would be doing this as a career! As I got into the third year of my studies I was offered a teaching job in the Maths Department at the University. For the next two years I ran help sessions on various second and third year Maths courses, with class sizes ranging from 5 all the way to 35. The classes were a huge success and students came back week after week, but the course was finishing and I still had no idea what to do when I graduated. It was during this time that I was getting increasingly positive feedback from my private tuition sessions too, so it hit me: I would tutor full-time!

Being a full-time tutor has given me the time to look at how I tutor and really perfect my craft. I can tutor on a level that I couldn’t when I was doing it part-time, by constantly looking for ways to provide my students with as much value as possible.

Every single student I take on can be sure that will benefit from this: I will find out exactly where they’re at, set goals for where they want to be, and help them reach those goals by carefully monitoring their progress and providing them with detailed learning and revision plans specific to them.

Even though the proof of how effective this is for achieving outstanding grades is in the success of my past students, I will always be looking for ways to improve and refine my style, as tutoring is what I love!

I recently started a YouTube channel where I create content on anything that would be useful for the GCSE and A-Level maths student: Past paper solution videos, topic overviews, general maths tips and especially hard questions. If you’d like to get an idea of my teaching style, feel free to watch some of the videos! Check it out here.
As a tutor who teaches the same same methods I used for my exams to help my students, I believe it is important to be completely transparent about my academic record. I will list my results here, and for the A-Levels I will even give a module by module breakdown.
Degree (University of Bristol)
Mathematics Bachelors – First

Mathematics Masters – First

Maths – A* (96%)

Double Science – A*A*

A-Level Maths
A* (599/600)

  • C1 – 100
  • C2 – 100
  • C3 – 100
  • C4 – 100
  • M1 – 99
  • M2 – 100
A-Level Further Maths
A* (540/600)

  • FP1 – 100
  • FP2 – 92
  • FP3 – 88
  • D1 – 80
  • S1 – 80
  • S2 – 100
A-Level Physics
A* (570/600)

  • Unit 1 – 118/120
  • Unit 2 – 120/120
  • Unit 3 – 120/120
  • Unit 4 – 120/120
  • Practical 1 – 42/60
  • Practical 2 – 50/60
And when I’m not teaching…
I’m either travelling, playing music, learning a language (Spanish and Portuguese are down now, French is next on the list!), or taking pictures. Feel free to have a look at my travel photos below from my Instagram 🙂