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AITutor Dashboard
My Other Job
Back in 2017 I co-founded AITutor along with two friends and fellow maths tutors from University. AITutor is a website that aims to make high quality maths tuition available to anyone at a fraction of the cost of a private tutor. It is the combination of our experience as maths tutors and expertise in software development. AITutor provides an all in one revision tool for A-Level maths, with interactive video lessons and questions (by yours truly!) covering the whole syllabus, progress tracking, exam generation and much more.

We really tried to replicate the one-to-one tuition experience with AITutor, so the performance of every single question a student answers on the app is recorded to build up a profile of the students strengths and weaknesses over time, to then prove the student with an optimised revision path, just like any good private tutor would do.

We created AITutor because we thought more students deserved to be exposed to the highly effective revision and exam techniques a private tutor can provide. Since its inception, over 5000 students have used AITutor for A-Level maths success, and we have given over 300 scholarships to students who need it the most. Read more about AITutor scholarships here.

As well as a product for students, AITutor is also a full solution for schools, giving teachers the ability to set homework, view class progress and much more. Dozens of schools across the country now exclusively use AITutor to deliver their A-Level maths courses.

My time is currently split between one-to-one lessons and AITutor, and I feel like the two compliment each other greatly. A lot of my time with AITutor is spent writing high quality A-Level Maths content and giving video lessons, which helps me refine my private teaching approach greatly. All of my private students will receive free complete access to the app. Feel free to follow the link below to have a look at what we do!