NOTE: I now offer other tutors, all interviewed and trained by me, at cheaper rates! All Oxbridge graduates. Enquire for more information.

My hourly rate for the 2021/22 academic year is £150, and below I have outlined why I charge this. However, throughout the majority of the year my personal lessons are full, so I have started offering other tutors. I have personally interviewed and trained them, and they are all Oxbridge Maths graduates with extensive tutoring experience. All students taught by these tutors will have access to the same resources I do, and will receive a free AITutor premium membership, tailored homework and progress tracking.

How did I determine this price?

With one-to-one tuition you definitely get what you pay for. Whilst it is possible to find private maths tutors for £40-£50 an hour, there are a number of reasons why it is a lower price, and why my price is what it is:

  • I am a full time tutor. Tutors charging low prices tend to either be university students who are just doing a few hours and don’t plan to continue after they graduate, or teachers supplementing their income. Whilst teachers are undoubtedly qualified, their experience tends to lie in teaching large groups of children and not specific one-to-one help targeted at the individual student’s needs. I tutor full time so have a great deal of experience giving lessons targeted to specific abilities as opposed to general classes to larger groups. It also means I put in more hours outside of lessons to prepare, monitor progress of students, and communicate with students and parents and help them with any problems or questions they might have.
  • My academic record. Many tutors charging lower prices do not have a maths degree, and didn’t achieve top grades themselves in GCSE and A-Level. I hold both a Bachelors degree (First Class) and a Masters degree (First Class) in Mathematics from the University of Bristol. This subject knowledge gives me the confidence to go into any tutorial knowing I will fully understand the concepts and be able to explain them effectively, whether it is A-Level Maths, Further Maths, or even higher level such as STEP or University. I also achieved an A* in Maths GCSE and straight A*s at A-Level in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, dropping a single mark out of the six Maths A-Level exams. I believe this is important as my students are taking these very exams. They do not want a tutor that hasn’t achieved top marks in them themselves, because they won’t know how to get those top grades for their students. Read more about my academic record in detail here.
  • My track record. Students and parents alike can be assured that if they undertake regular lessons with me they will see immense improvement. I have testimonials on my website from past clients, and they are also willing to be contacted to vouch for me because they are so happy with the results!
  • My experience. Having now tutored for many years including over a year’s full time tuition, I have racked up thousands of hours of lessons in that time. I not only know exactly how to plan a student’s revision no matter where they are academically but also how to build up a good informal relationship, so they feel comfortable asking me for advice on various matters from revision techniques to university applications.

The ultimate decision will always lie with the potential student/parent, but these are the reasons my clients pay for my service. I understand that some will still want to go for a cheaper tutor; just bear in mind some of the points above while finding one to make sure they can provide a professional service. If you require assistance finding another tutor, just contact me and I will try my best to help find a quality tutor that matches your needs and budget!

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My personal lessons are £150 an hour, but I also offer other tutors at a cheaper rate. If you let me know your budget I can find the solution that's right for you.

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